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It was the summer of ’79 and Dutch beautician, Reina Castille, owner of a local hair salon was heading home when the chain on her bicycle broke. She was pushing her bike along when Bertram Garret, an artisan brush maker, saw her outside his storefront and offered assistance. Bertram and Reina hit it off and soon the two began putting their passion and craftsmanship together to create some of the world’s most innovative brushes. They began with humble beginnings selling their goods at local craft fairs under the name “Dapper and Dainty”, an acknowledgment to the stylish and elegant beauty that their brushes bring to both women and men.


From those first artisanal brushes that made them local legends, to now the worldwide pioneers of innovative brushes we know today; Dapper & Dainty has stayed true to a very simple idea: to offer revolutionary brushes with extraordinary craftsmanship.

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